Folks drive large, powerful pickups in Westminster, VT to tow the things that enrich their lives. These may be work tools or weekend toys. We carry the Ford Super Duty at Faith's Ford Westminster, and it tows heavier things than other pickups in its class.

The Super Duty achieves its class's top conventional towing due to the exceptional frame Ford provides. You'll find durable steel throughout this fully boxed design. As a result, the Super Duty achieves a rating of 21,000 for conventional towing capacity. If you switch from the standard gas engine to the available diesel unit, you can increase the towing capacity to 24,200.

Meanwhile, a gooseneck attachment helps the Ford Super Duty achieve its class's top rating for towing flatbed trailers and livestock setups. With a diesel power plant, a Ford Super Duty reaches a 37,000-gooseneck towing rating. If you work in farming or construction, you can imagine where such a high towing capacity could be deployed.

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