Ford's storied Mustang is a performance model with several chapters. At Faith's Ford Westminster, we wish to note the sound spectrum created by the line's available engines. Each of these horsepower suppliers produces different tones when you drive them around Westminster, VT.

You may have heard that sound engineering plays a role in developing performance cars' engines. Think of the Ford Mustang's engines as different strings on a guitar. Each string plays a distinct range of sounds, which you can command through the guitar's fret board. If each Mustang engine is a string, then the gas pedal is the fret. Applying your foot to the pedal is like strumming the guitar.

The Mustang's EcoBoost engine produces a distinct range of stirring sounds. And the GT engine emits another compelling range. Finally, the lauded Shelby engine feels like listening to an expertly played electric bass. Listen whenever the Ford Mustang passes. You'll notice and appreciate their song.

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