A Look at Why the Ford EcoSport Leads the Industry Pack

The Ford EcoSport is regarded as an industry leader when it comes to popular crossovers o the road in Westminster, VT and elsewhere. There are some important reasons why the Ford EcoSport is well-regarded and popular among drivers. These include the smart array of capability features on the Ford EcoSport.

The Ford EcoSport capability features include the best in auto start-stop technology. When motoring in the city, the engine shuts down at stops and reengages effortless when it's time to move onward. This feature conserves energy and saves money over time. Another of the Ford EcoSport capability features is its sport-tuned suspension. This suspension system limits body roll and allows the vehicle to perform optimally on turns.

More information about the Ford EcoSport is available right now at Faith's Ford Westminster. You can schedule a visit to learn more and take the Ford EcoSport for a test drive.

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